Every night I have in mind a bunch of thoughts, I bet. But just now, I’ve found out that I have also THAT. Strange companions in my bushy hair are troubling me, biting thoughts and smart ideas that occur to me. Be it fudge or cheesecake punch or else the rocket plan, all is gone, but not at all that scant and brassy clan. Pranks and wits that I’m well known of have been mostly killed. Maths equations that I love cannot be well revealed. That’s enough, I cannot think and I can hardly dream. I am not the one who brought that over-biting team. With my mum I thus apply NITOLIC® spray with care. And that clan of canny guys/lice is finally off my hair. Farewell, my occupiers, you’d better not cry. See the exit? Time is up now, we must say goodbye!